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Natures' Abundance

Preparing Autumn's Herb Larder is a snap with fresh and dried herbs 

natural bases straight from your kitchen! 

Honey & Syrups

Get ahead of the flu season before it hits by  keeping plenty of syrups in stock. Hawthorn and Rose hips are an excellent heart tonic  and Vitamin C and Elderberry is an all time favorite  for immune support. Black cherry bark and Elecampane helps to sooth coughs. 


Created with apple cider as a base, Oxymels are commonly used as an expectorant however Oxymels are great for revving up a depleted immune system.


Tinctures take a while to synchronize with the herbs and alcohol yet so worth it. What? Can't have alcohol based tinctures? Try substituting glycerin or apple cider instead!

Herb Infused Oils

Yummilicious are the herb infused oils as they compliment a late fall or winter dinner. Use as a marinade, salad dressing or added to recipes to enhance food flavor!

Check back to view the recipes forthcoming with this article!

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