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Unlock your body's potential through the healing power of essential oils.

Psm Kit and Atlantean Facilitator campaign

Psm Kit Essential Oil Blends "When cellular communication breaks down, so does the body relying on that communication to function, as do the cells that can then replicate based on in-complete messages. These proprietary Essential oils, which communicate at the cellular level, are able to prevent the body from further deterioration and remedy existing ailments by providing the cells with the proper tools for correct cellular information. They further protect cells from the damaging misinformation originating from toxins, chemicals, stress, and other harmful influences."

Advocate your life, be the real you get a E.A.T assessment today and live your life pain free! Learn more!

Living outside of Colorado Springs? Click here to create an account and to purchase your Physical Aeromatic Touch™ today and I will give you one (1) free hour of Skype or Zoom time to teach you how to access your body's needs and apply the oils!



be you Academy-Pain Free Living

Emotional Aromatic Touch ™, Physical Touch™ and Chirotouch™ are registered trademarked oils and modality's by Be Young Total Health. Emotional Aromatic Touch is a unique and exclusive training offered through Be Young Total Health. It is the combination of Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and techniques developed by Dana C. Young for emotional releases.

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Call to Action-Improve Physical Stamina


Oils and Reiki

Excellent for pain relief

Introductory Reiki Session for

$30    per 30 minutes

Buy one PAT get one Free

Bundle Packs

1 Wellness Consultation with 1 Free Therapy

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