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Emotional Balance 

Unlock your body's potential through the healing power of essential oils.

Mind and Body a delicate balance

The connection between physical and emotional health has been long suspected, and scientifically proven in recent years. Psychoneuroimmunology, which studies the interaction between the mind and body, has discovered that three primary body systems (the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems) are responsible for how your body responds to threats, emotions, thoughts, feelings, stimulus, allergens, and other external stimuli. When these systems are in harmony, you experience health and vitality, but when they are out of balance, as is often the case, you experience distress, disease, discomfort, and unexpected physical and mental conditions.

Emotions more than just a feeling

Astangahradaya Sustrasthana, a classic Ayurvedic text, warns that emotions such as hatred, violence, grief, low self esteem, hostility, and ingratitude are stronger than the body’s capability for healthy balance. Recent research reveals that patients who cannot abandon their negative emotions create new diseases as fast as a physician can heal them. Strong negative emotions cause physiological changes that impact the systems of the body responsible for maintaining balance and homeostasis. Substantial evidence shows how mood and stress influence immune status and function. Under extreme emotional stimulus, the endocrine system sends hormones coursing through the bloodstream, which stimulates the brain. In response, the brain manufactures cytokines, which send messages to the immune system.


Emotional Trauma Can Become Precursors to Disease

Many people fail to realize that emotional trauma does more to us than just make us feel bad. A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found a strong relationship between the number of childhood traumas and the number of health risk factors connected to the leading causes of death in adults. In particular, they found a significant relationship between the number of childhood trauma exposures and the following disease conditions.Researchers are confirming emotional trauma and chronic disease have a connection.


Healing Through Emotional Release

Often times when an emotional trauma occurs, the individual naturally wants to just bury it and never resolve the actual trauma. The body has only one way of dealing with this, it stores the memory and hides it throughout the cells of the body. Causing an imbalance, that over time can become manifest in physical symptoms.

Emotional Balance understand the impact of your emotions on your health 

The Emotional Aromatic Touch (E.A.T.) program is offered through Be Young Total Health to help people resolve past emotional traumas that may be causing physical distress or disease.

Each personality type has a different way of responding to situations and emotional trauma. By understanding what personality type you are, you can better understand how to avoid future emotional trauma. Additionally, this course will introduce you to how through E.O.B.B.D essential oils and specific techniques developed by Dana C. Young PhD one can release emotional trauma.


Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined

The E.O.B.B.D guaranteed known as H.E.B.B.D in France is one of only two recognized global standards for properly evaluating quality and content, and the only protocol to determine the therapeutic benefit of an essential oil. If you are enticed into believing that another brand of essential oils is suitable to benefit your body, you should know that, unless it is and has gone through the 14 steps required by the E.O.B.B.D standard, it has not been evaluated beyond the scope of its suitability as a perfume additive. 

Purest essential oils.


Personality Traits

Understand what the common personality traits are, and how these traits can play a large role in how a persons will cope, processes, and handle trauma. Dating back to ancient healers and philosophers, this often times forgotten way of looking at an individual and their personality will become invaluable information.


Learn about Chakras. Chakras are energy centers in which QI or an individuals "Life Force" collect. An emotional trauma can restrict the energy from flowing in its proper manner to and from these centers. When these center become distrubed many symtoms and disease can start to manifest.

Advocate your life, be the real you get a E.A.T assessment today and live your life emotionally pain free!



be you Academy-Emotional Balance

Emotional Aromatic Touch ™, is a registered trademarked oils and modality by Be Young Total Health. Emotional Aromatic Touch is a unique and exclusive training offered through Be Young Total Health. It is the combination of Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and techniques developed by Dana C. Young for emotional releases.

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