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Pain Free Living 

Unlock your body's potential through the healing power of essential oils.

It has become a common practice for individuals suffering from acute or chronic pain to turn to over the counter or prescription medication. These drugs, at best, mask or numb the body's natural responses. To add insult to injury. many of these drugs have a long list of side effects. If used for extended periods of time, common medications can wreak havoc on the body. Too often we ignore our health and our body's early warning systems and reach for immediate relief that leads to further injury. 

What we need is a way to ask the body quests and allow it to respond. We need to understand the body's language and let it tel u use what it needs to heal and repair itself. The Physical Aeromatic Touch Assessment  (PAT) is an exclusive technique developed buy Dana C. Young to provide a way for people from all educational back grounds to tune into the body's innate intelligence. 

Employing the powerful senses of touch and smell, and using specific essential oils as a stimulus, anyone can assess the boy's response in seven targeted areas. The Physical Aeromatic Touch (PAT)™ is a safe and effective way to experience the full benefits of natural essential oils. This technique allows you to record measurable responses in order to better understand what you  need to repair and heal. At last, your body can tell you what it needs and you experience how your body is truly designed to feel.

Advocate your life, be the real you get a P.A.T assessment today and live your life pain free! Learn more!

Living outside of Colorado Springs? Click here to create an account and to purchase your Physical Aeromatic Touch™ pack today and I will give you one (1) free hour of Skype or Zoom time to teach you how to access your body's needs and apply the oils! 



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Physical Aromatic Touch ™, Physical Touch™ and Chirotouch™ are registered trademarked oils and modality's by Be Young Total Health.

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