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 A Guide to Alternative Healing Practices

A Master Energy Facilitator is an artist of healing who is experienced in facilitating healing sessions using the power of energy. They draw on a diverse set of healing modalities such as Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Shamanic healing to help their clients heal on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Master Energy Facilitators are also experienced in teaching clients how to use their own energy to help them heal. They possess a deep understanding of how energy works and how to use it for healing purposes. With their guidance, clients can learn to use their own energy to manifest the changes they desire in their lives.

Abstract Horizon

"Nature Is: A Journey to Healing Through Nature's Energy"


To Forage and Foster Natural Restorative Modalities for Earths inhabitants in the 5th Dimension and Beyond


Empowering You On Your Journey To Optimal Wellness

It feels so good to be kept well by nature a long living entity of her own throughout the ages of time. Earth is here our planet called home. She provides for us everything we need to survive, live exist, play, nourish, feed, shelter and excel.


  • Earth is Goddess! She brings forth love, light, nourishment, birth and healing.

  • Sun is God he brings forth warmth, light, strength and protection.

  • Fire is Strength and Action of Energy that surrounds us constantly being in ever flow of Divine connection to Earth and Source.

  • Air is Inspiration bringing forth intuitive focus and sharpness of mind body and soul. 

  • Water is Goddess, She too nourishes and yet at the same time she mirrors every aspect of our life within and without.


Nature Restoring Life is Unified Field of Creation of Wellness. All species on Earth have everything they need on this planet to promote health and personal wellness within their tribes. Earth provides natural abilities that exist within all realms of creation and life.


We at Nature Restoring Life delve within those realms to bring you our customer the capability to allow for health and personal wellness in these crucial times that exist on planet earth today and for tomorrow. 

As we look towards our future and future generations we ask that each and every soul on this planet turn toward natural wellness as a basis of their personal wellbeing.

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