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Atlantis, The Greatest Mystery of All

Author’s note-I have worked with Atlanteans for a long time now, and it is come to light to proceed to bring my work out in the world with these unique beings. The provided me with a program to offer and I ran it through a six-week trial, and it was a huge success! Alas, it lay dormant for several years and now it is time to bring it forth. Obviously, the program is ready to be expanded, how remains to be seen. I will have to take this on a day by day, week by week, month by month basis. One thing is for sure. The original program is a beautiful piece and can be purchased on this website in my store at It is best to start with Level 1, first. This is their first transmission through me since then for the general public. I can honestly say their transmissions will get very deep and involved after their introduction from here on out.

Greetings from Atlantis!

We are delighted to be here today to speak to you about a new age that is arriving within your timeline. This new age is arriving multi-dimensionally and can be accessed through the twelfth plane of existence which is the doorway to the twelfth dimension.

Atlantis has always been a mystery, and much has been speculated however truth has not arrived in the hopes of many. Atlantis exists in the twelfth dimension and as humankind evolves as does Atlantis. Thus, the Atlantis gateway evolves into the higher realms as well. Through the ages of times Atlantis which was originally known at Atlanbia was a starship with various star beings aboard. Our ship arrived from the Northern stargate of this planet, which then was originally in a different location than it is now. Our ship was so huge it took up a large piece of a body of water and land mass that could be considered a continent. The earth was quite unstable at that time due to a new creation. This planet was the first planet to have its own lifeforce, thereby alive by its own energy field. We did not know what to expect, yet, we had great plans for this planet. We created new life forms to exist on this planet. The star beings aboard brought their gifts as well to populate this planet. It was beautiful and magnificent. Until one day a host of other star beings seen what we were doing and decided they wanted a piece of this earth for themselves to propagate, which in fact started the wars. Indeed, this was a harsh time and much of the good we did come undone and has evolved into what you see now. Even though we are not visible within your eyesight, we are still here, and we can be accessed through the twelfth gate.

How can you access the twelfth gate, you ask? Stay tuned! We are going to embark upon a journey to take you there. Our Voice of the Earth will share with you our transmissions. We have created with her a program a few years ago to get you acquainted with us. This knowledge is shared by us through her. She is our designated Elder Preistess on this current planet and will be hosting our codes of light. WE began this as a way for her to earn her living in the new timelines. Oh, we will still transmit through here, not worry but the deep work with us is through her. Mind you this is just the introduction, stay tuned for more transmissions of Atlanbia/Atlantis!


The Elders of Atantis

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