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Lions Gate Portal

July 26, 2016

<Image is copyright Nature Restoring Life LLC >

Lo and Behold the opening of the Lions Gate Portal has arrived! The door way opens into a new timeline featuring a new coded way of living! Nature restores herself through this timeline by enhancing the current codes of the 5th and 6th dimension and integrating the 7th dimensional codes into her earthly heart core.

Nature restores her queendoms via the means of sending the new codes as new vibrations and frequencies through the crystalline queendom. The tiny silica and crystalline structures that inhabit the crystals on this planet are opening up their vortexes to receive the new codes then as generators they send forth the codes into the earthly dirt, plant and animal life. The crystals also vibrate at higher rate of speed with these new galactic codes than previously thought before which create a mini universe of their own. The sun also pulses the codes into the core of the earth and her inhabitants.

<Image is copyright Nature Restoring Life LLC >

From today forward new codes arrive daily for each species on planet earth, therefore a new way of living in peace becomes a way of life. As for the human race, those who cleansed their emotions, took the time to rest, and sludged through the recent energies from the beginning of this year, melting into a slowdown of basically not getting much done including those who were taken back to be slowed down resulting in an injury will proceed through the Lion's Gate provided they took the time to rest and work with the energies of priority.

Those who did not do that will still remain stuck in their emotional walls repeating same behavior patterns as they did all their lives, and refuse to become heart centered will be forced to face their fears, stay stuck in their 3rd dimension of fear and 4th dimension of emotion and will actually act it all out hence the drama queen or drama king is born.

Instead of watching the news with fear ridden media, turn it off, and go outside and be nature and introduce peace back into your heart.

And acknowledge: the media represents a fear based society and I choose peace. If by chance you come across the drama queen or king turn and walk away do not become a part of their existences, if it's a family member do the same thing walk away. later go back to said family member and say look, I no longer live in the same realm as you and nor will lower my vibration to be in yours and leave it at that. For others cut that cord and not look back.

Lately I have been coming across the drama actor and my energy will not allow me to stay in their space for long as a matter in fact, I cut the cord and walk away and have nothing to do with them further. Also, I have been shutting off the media including Facebook, it is too much for my system to handle and I go outside, water my yard, watch the squirrels and birds scramble about eat my dinner on the patio and watch the sunsets because they are just glorious. And oh yes, I breathe in a lot of Lavender Essential oil to calm my mind and my spirit.

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