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Healer's Frequency

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Earth received a new healing frequency early this morning. This brought about an interruption of sleep patterns as well as bridging an upgrade for energetic for all Integrative/Alternative Practitioners. This frequency signifies the new earth changes that are taking affect now as earth is moving into an higher realm of dimensional status.

Integrative/Alternative Practitioners received this upgrade to employ new strategic tactics to working with the new earth dimensional frequencies and dimensions. Integrative/Alternative Practitioners will be able work with these new frequencies in a more consistent manner involving moving through energetic fields fluidly, creating a more resourceful flow of energy conductive to their clients needs thus embracing the variety of damaged auras for auric repair. Integrative/Alternative Practitioners will also be working in strategic relationships with each other for the good of their clients and earth's inhabitants. There will be subtle differences in the flow of energy from Integrative/Alternative Practitioners as their will be additions and omissions to the alternative and integrative healing field. Many changes are now in order as to move forth in the new earth timeline.

Monetary wealth has been a concern since 2012, therefore Integrative/Alternative Practitioners will embark on their rightful mission to receive monetary wealth consistently and abundantly in the new earth dimension and frequencies. The age of the starving healer is over, that archetype is now nullified.

For the individual Integrative/Alternative Practitioners working in both the private and collective field is is mandated that you seek internal silence for one hour to clear your mind of all obtrusion and receive your guidance regarding the frequency you received and how it will evolve in your life and practice. During this next two week period of energetic expansion it is suggested to remove all unnecessary sugars, and carbohydrates from the diet. Stay hydrated with fresh drinking water and herbal teas. Take walks and inhale the fresh air and allow for the codes of the sunlight to be absorbed through the crown chakra. Exercise is also a plus as is getting plenty of rest. There will be periods of fatigue and periods of high energy, move with this flow accordingly.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The intention is to solely inform and educate. The author intends that readers will use the information presented in this website in cooperation with the advice of a qualified licensed health professional. Read full disclaimer here.

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