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Balancing Stones

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

"Beloveds we arrive today in your honor and in glory of the Earth! She raises her temple of vibrations to you and allows you to drink from her wells and cesspools of knowledge and life."

"Stones have been balancing themselves many some millennia it’s a forte of ours which unites us with Earth and Sky. We gracefully tip the scales of rubble and pebbles to boulders and stand straight like a spine that never curves. We root deeply within the earth to coordinate a link and bond with our mother signifying never ending change."

"To the homosapien we are landmarks and mere objects of speculation and perhaps so, however we have a purpose to serve and that purpose to send a message to all acknowledging balance in all life. Without balance there is no means to an end it’s a constant rotating spiral never stopping to look beyond or where one has been."

"Remember to balance yourself at all times. Stop and really take a look at where you are and where you are going. Ask yourself is this my true intention to go int his direction? if yes proceed, if no, stop and re-balance yourself in whatever way is necessary and vital to your well-being."

"Blessings to all!"

The Stones

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