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Granite Men-an-tol

"Beloveds we are here today in light of your spirit, and the spirit of the earth and the stones."

"For many millennia, we remained hidden from the light, until a series of earth changes tilled the soils of the earth and hoisted us up from the depths of our caverns into the light of the sun. Many of us still stay hidden in deep caves buried beneath the earth’s surface and we remain there until WE are ready to surface."

"The granite men-an-tol is an ancient stone reverting back to several centuries ago. This stone has a legend embedded within its core and it’s story is as old as time itself. WE find it quite humorous that this stone is actually the stone for our beloved channels writing. Yet there is much truth to be told about this stone."

"The story is a point in Welsh history that was surmised and reduced to a mere tale yet the story lives on and in spite of the massive energy it took to mass-produce this as pure fiction shows that what is covered up will be exposed. Take to heart dear ones, what you attempt to cover up will be exposed as the energies are out pouring for truth, total truth and no compromise. Dare not to hide your truth, speak it. Dare not to sweep your truth under the rug, shine it out in the light for all to see."

"WE have surpassed a great energetic portal in which all new energies have arrived on this earth plane. Many of you are in a state of flux due to the exaggerated complex tides that are shifting in favor of higher enlightenment. Take this time to fully envelope your personal power and plan your strategy for the upcoming year. And remember beloveds, stay in your center and ground daily."

"Blessings to all!"

The Stones

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