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Crystal Skull

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

November 16, 2017

The Crystal Skulls comes forth and has this to say:

"WE the Crystal Skulls come before you today in the love and light of the earth!

We hold immense and valuable information to be held in the highest regard for all sentient beings on this planet and beyond".

"There was a time when we were a rarity to be found in the caves of the Bolivian mountains. It was quite a spectacular time indeed! Where did we come from? Where are we going?"

"Our true and ancient knowledge is a wisdom hidden deep within our crystalline structure. Only those we seek out will verdantly become acquainted not only with knowledge but with power. The power of knowledge. We invite to step forward and speak with us all you have to do is stand outside in nature and ask to contact our crystalline spirit. When we are ready we will respond."

"It seems that mankind is mass producing us at an alarming rate which is harmful the crystal families of the earth. Not only is it in the destruction and rage of greed the quest of love and knowledge sails away for the truth is no more nor is it available. Oh yes they will speak to you however it is not the truth you want to hear it is the truth of the crystal and the maker itself. The pain you feel from associating with these mass production is the pain from boring of the crystal itself."

"We ask that you forsake these man made productions, if you should fine one bury it deep in the earth with a prayer of forgiveness and gratitude."

"One day we will resound and birth again in our natural form however that will be far into the future for many generations to come."

The Stones

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