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Updated: Apr 12, 2022

"WE are here"!

"We the stones of Marble indulge and enlighten you today with our spectacular knowledge of our species."

"We have been here since the protozoic era shifting and transforming through the folds of time easing our way to various postilions around the planet. We are hard stone akin to water and we love being touched by all those who indulge in the magnificence of solid smoothness beholding to an an earlier ancient civilization who acquired the forethought of our properties and abilities."

"Our properties are as we said of earth and water yet we remain steadfast and strong anchoring the energies of our star race who brought us here. The Pleiadians requesisted the demands of the many to scientific research on this planet called earth to register if life could truly live. Notice we said live not survive. We are the anchor of the new races that come forth from the various star races for the new races needed a ground of strength and oxygenation thus we provide both. Yes we do provide oxygen for this planet through our veins that run through our core base."

"Abilities are such in a shape of moulding. We mould the energies around us as well as the living organisms. We give the energy of "shifting in ease" defined as as uniting with ones own energy system to shift energies in desired frequencies at determined will by easing into the new transition of time or dimension."

"When humanoids place us as floors and walk upon us they are constantly in a state of flux shifting their energy and producing it to their intentions they are thinking at the time, this leads to a cold way of life because their thoughts are always shifting, decisions are easily swayed. Used as columns to uphold structures once again intentions are shifted this time in a circular fashion thus causing indecisiveness yet still feeling grounded. Humanoids also like to size into counter tops, cutting boards, and slabs. Food is easily moulded upon our surface yet the intentions are not grounded and lack the discipline necessary to be relied upon."

"How best to work with us? Leave us in our natural environment in our natural form and put your hand upon our walls and within the palms and allow our energy to mingle with yours, breathing new life into you while shift your thoughts into a more steady and productive form of unifying intention."

The Stones

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