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Feb 25, 2017

The Dolmen comes forth and has this to say:

"WE the stones of ancient Celtic lands speak! I Am a marker, a beacon and symbol of heritage."

"I Am a marker as I mark the boundaries of space and time as well as the lands that I stand upon. I mark the bones buried next and beneath me. I mark the time of an ancient civilization that once ruled these lands in great glory. I mark the space that was once occupied by great battles of clan wars ascertaining their grievances, wars that shed many a blood between countries claiming land rights. I mark the history of lovers uniting in marriage sharing their vows and giving their oaths to the land. I mark the love that Chief had for his tribe uniting with the Land so his tribe would flourish with food, water and shelter. I mark the great rites that held in the honor of the land that is now lost to so many."

"I Am a beacon that sustained through the epoch cycles. Within in my stones is a central intelligence unit that signals to our original home. You think we just appeared here one day? You think we were here and all life is evolved around a singular masculine entity? No. This planet called earth is created planet a living entity of its own it was given life in order to sustain life. All life. Not one life or two. All life. As a beacon, I broadcast energy to my surrounding fields and to other Dolmens and stones. We communicate to each other and send back frequencies required for Earth to complete her mission."

"I Am a symbol of heritage of ancient civilizations that once roamed freely upon this earth with no boundaries. These civilizations respected the unseen and the unknown they gave honor and worshiped beside us. We gave them shelter, they gave us love. We gave them the courage and strength to live another day, they gave us themselves. If human kind could be more thoughtful about the life around them including what they deem as inanimate and lifeless and think in a more rational way they would know that we are alive and we are here to stay. As the bones shed from the skin our stones stand strong both on and in the land. The next time you stand among the giants of this earth don't just look at us look within us and ask, “What can I do for you?”

"Go in peace and find your heart."

The Stones

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