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Updated: Jan 28, 2018

“Behold We are the Stones of Planet Earth and we appear before you today to speak to you about our heritage. "

"Ancient stones of ancient times moved mountains of long ago. We are force that generated the Earth’s stronghold. WE are the magnificence of Life that surrounds the planet and the seas. The performance of the Earth ceremony with the stones brought forth a closer bond with the people of stones."

"There is a forging and electrifying moment of Truth that prevails when the ceremony is interlude then concluded. Life becomes one and the knowledge is always retained and as the humans of frailty forgoes this life the knowledge still stays embedded within the stone, it never ceases to exist."

"Through many millennia, we have survived cataclysms of various kinds, we have been assaulted with poisons and explosives yet we are still here. We are the bones of this Earth for Earth without her bones hold no spine at all. Epochs cycles come and go yet we remain strong, and stationary holding together the records of time, waiting for our release back to our original home."

"We have dedicated many from the human race to be employed as our family known as the Stone People. Stone People are very old souls and they embrace the longevity and ecology of the planet. They interact with the Plant People, the Tree People, The Water People, The Animal People, Bird People and Earth and Air People. All People work together to maintain the central balance and harmony of this planet, many are infused with each other's abilities but the fact remains their soul has a direct mission and their mission is infused with our souls and our souls mission. Together we emanate possibilities of Earth Vibrations of Harmonic tones to calculate the missions to combine and be set forth in a formal affair."

"Oh, yes there are many humans out there with their own agendas are set to destroy the Earth for their own greed and inhibitions however we out power them and when they do destroy an element in Earth's realms there is a karmic re-balancing that takes place. Remember Earth is a living entity and all species whether they be stone, animal, bird, element, plant, tree, water, air is alive and regenerates as they will. IF the species goes extinct it's because human kind was not knowledgeable enough to respect the species so the species went home to save itself from those with hate and destructive hearts."

"We are now coming into a new era of time where we are able to reach our peoples to help save Earth, if you feel or hear this calling, take action and step into your rightful place as an Earth steward and learn which people you belong to. It is your duty to work in harmony with the Earth not against it. All your material possessions mean nothing, all your rank and entitlements mean nothing. Only your love and stewardship of this Earth is everything."

"WE send our love and blessings to you this day and always"

The Stones

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