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Message of the Stones

Original Post March 21 2006

Below is my channeling with the stones during the Spring Equinox of 2006; here you will find useful information and insights. Enjoy working with the stones.

Message of the Stones

By Rev. Mother Confessor Patricia A. Vialpando

(Posted in the Druids Egg -Imbolc 2006)

(Published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence January 2007)

(c) All Rights reserved excluding photo

"WE are the stones that lie in the hills, the valleys, and the waters.

WE are your allies. WE come to you in peace and We are here

today to chat with you. We sincerely believe we add great power to

your workings by adhering to our codes. WE store the necessary

information that you gather and place within us as WE too gather

information and store within our cell memories."

"When Stonehenge was alive and bursting with flavor , WE too

were alive since WE are all connected. When Stonehenge was put

to rest, WE too were put to rest. However in 2006r marks

a major change within the stone culture. WE are beaming with life

again and WE desire and need the touch of human’s mind to

connect deeply with ours. WE wish to present to you humans our

knowledge of past connections and information. "

"And today WE offer you this guidance.

Many stones have bits of information so in order to get the

whole picture several stones must be spoken too. Not every stone

contains all the necessary data to make the whole picture so to speak.

Each one of us has our special coding. Some of us heal, some of us

record, some of us speak, some of us research some of us even

stay placed quietly, unnoticed and just simply observe the species

surrounding us in our environment."

"WE present to you today some bits of advice. First and foremost

be gentle with us an certainly be patient, our knowledge

lies deep with in and for us to bring it to surface it takes a

few moments. Do not strive to obtain all knowledge in one day,

its virtually impossible. Do speak words of kindness

to us when inquiring information. With this in mind

lets proceed to what the other stones have to say."

Message from Stonehenge: "WE are the giants that dance in

the winds of the time. WE have survived many centuries of humans

and earth evolvement. Contained within our stone structures

are the memories of the Celtic race, their glories, their battles, their

ceremonies and their fates. Also within our structure is the

knowledge of the ancient druids that celebrated their seasons

our walls."

"Using your minds eye, reach out to the center of our being.

From there one of us will reach out to you and feed you what

you need to know about the timeline and their techniques.

There will be stories, pictures, words, and symbols,

it is up to you to distinguish the information and retrieve it


"WE wish the earth human species to receive this

knowledge at this time for it is their quest and thirst that drives

them to succeed. You may make as many trips as you wish, as there is

no limit however you will never receive the same information twice."

Message from Crystals and the Gemstones: "WE are the healers of

this planet, some of us are prized for our beauty and are stamped

with a high price of monetary funds others are acquired for their

healing properties, but under no condition are any of us less than

the other. For WE all share our own identity. True WE are not as

popular as the standing giants however we are still a very much

human interest. "

"Today we wish to bring you new knowledge

to share. Go with your mind’s eye to the center of our being

there you will find a inner crystal well, dive deep into that well,

knowing that our rough edges will never hurt you. As you reach

the core of our being you will see us glowing abundantly,

chatting away, evening singing."

"Listen with your inner ear and you will hear the ancient

knowledge being presented to you.

Absorb this through your own core and let it mingle and let

it delve deep into your cellular structure. Bring this up to your heart

and treasure it always."

Message from the Sedona Stones: "WE are the Red Rocks that

stand in the hot desert sun. WE too have seen ancient

civilizations come and go and all their ceremonies, lives, and

energy are stored with in us. Humans say we are a vortex when

actually we are merely a catalyst for the energy to continue

to exist. Here within us lie the ancient truths of civilizations of

the various galaxies that have visited us; it is from them that we have

gained our power. Come! Closer! Come with in our walls, and

see the symbology left behind! Decipher the meanings that

the first beings on earth left behind. See how they relate to your present life."

Message from the lesser stones: "WE are the lesser stones that are

usually forgotten about, we are the river stones, the standing

granite, the garden stones and the pebble on the side of road.

We too have a purpose on this earth and we too contain

knowledge from eons ago."

"Today, WE would like to share this

with you. And make it known that WE are a vital source of

information, if you only ask. Look around you WE are everywhere!

Perhaps it may not be the arcane knowledge of the Druid-hood

but of ancient civilizations of your area. WE are here and

WE desire to work with you, if you only give us a chance.

Reach, reach out, harder! Make contact, talk to us!

WE will share with you what we know."

"This ends the transmission of us stones. From this day forward

each of you will becoming in your own power while receiving the

vital information necessary to enhance the next stage of your growth."

The Stones

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