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River Stones

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

The River Stones comes forth and has this to say:

"WE the stones of the River!"

"We come before you today to unite in peace and love!

WE the river stones, who live our lives in the water can attest to the caring and sharing mutuality of water, how water nurtures lives, caresses the intentions and blesses the bones of the earth."

"At this time on planet earth we are alive and our spirits are fleshed with wisdom of the ancients of long ago. WE are incarnated as stones from boulder that were once mighty giants of the land. We impregnate the earth with solidarity and forthrightness.

During times of long ago we have seen human and star being alike shape this planet into what it is now and we ask of you dear ones do not lose hope! There are forces at work and at play and it is tempering your vitality and your decision-making processes. Blessed ones of the earth who are of flesh and bone hold tight to your families and know deep in your hearts this time shall pass."

"Stay within your strongholds of life, stay your ground, keep your peace and be active in your communities and always, always shine your light."

"Remember these are turbulent times and as the boulder shakes and grumbles and smaller stones fall from the thresholds of the great one, there is a rumbling on your planet in which small stones are falling from the great devastator. These small stones have seen the darkness and will be bringing forth the light."

"Work with us dear ones, tap into our energies. Spend time at a river or a lake and contemplate the value of life."

"BE strong, BE resilient, BE persistent and BE life."

The Stones

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