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Stone Arch

“ WE the Stones come before you today to speak about the Stone Archways.

Our archways are a miracle to this planet. Due to many millennia of earth changes, erosion and storms our stones are engraved with an opening that can be peered through. Or so humankind thinks."

"Perhaps our brethren are derived from these changes in some ways, in other ways our archways are portals to another world. Invisible to the naked eye transportation's take place from star visitors from other planes of dimensions."

"Transports are needed for safe arrival for these visitors because air ships would be too frightening for the mass public at this time do to the severity of belief’s. Some would welcome it other would abhor it and the religious would be terrified of it.

There has been much talk of humanity teleporting to various places on earth or other time periods then there are channels who claim that it’s all nonsense and humanity should look upwards to the sky for the word of their holy father to make sense of this ideology."

"Seriously, our stone arches are signposts upon this land of times and civilizations that came before. Of places of worship, celebrations and seasons of time and land markers of tribes en route to other tribes. These are holy stones which bear the ancient messages of life and lore. A place of peace and calm."

"Stone arches are a beacon that sends out messages to the earth in subtle vibrational waves, heralding the coming of times, of love, of peace and of course transition and transformation."

"Take a moment to put your hand on your heart and feel the vibration from these stones. What did you feel? Sense? Hear? See?"

"You have arrived today to find the truth of how we serve."

The Stones

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